30 Everyday Problems Illustrated In Cute And Funny Comics By Parisian Artist (New Pics)


Half a year ago we wrote about an incredible artist whose sense of humour won over thousands of people on Instagram. She has been busy, so I think it's time to share some of her works with wider audiences again. Ariane is a 25-year-old artist from Paris, France, and she's the one behind the hilarious comics of ari_stocrate.


  1. Posted by LeKawaiiPikachuUwU, — Reply

    Boys, a life hack: Don't try to scare girls with blood It will only make us feel sick Not scaring us Remember we have a thing called "periods" And it's just like a murder for a full weak every month ._.

  2. Posted by alexigamerplayz, — Reply

    Like they think you have fear of blood or the first time you see a little accident but little do they know,we hide the crimes scenes and throw it in the trash Edit: Woah how did I get this many likes?

  3. Posted by eoinsmythers, — Reply

    See gentleman, blood does not scare the majority of women. The absence of blood can sometimes be scary but that’s a whole other thing. The bottom line is , don’t try scare a woman by waving around your bloody cut. You won’t scare her and if you keep waving it around instead of looking after it you’ll end up making it worse.

  4. Posted by Dragonlighth2o, — Reply

    Dude, at least wait until you accidentaly almost cut your own thumb off with a knife while cooking before pointing it out. A paper cut is not even worth talking about-

  5. Posted by kellyloumills, — Reply

    It's like in game of thrones when the female wildling who's name I cannot remember is confused as to why John thinks she'd faint at blood lol "girls see more blood than you!" I spat my drink everywhere at that xxx

  6. Posted by Madelynn123Mitchell, — Reply

    there was one time at school that some kid got a thumbtack in his hand and hen he pulled it out and started trying to scare me with the blood and i'm over there like........um......so?

  7. Posted by lovetousky, — Reply

    My father had twenty years ago a car accident and pieces of metal opened his chest. His heart nearly got hit. I saw one picture of the surgery and it is still the worst thing I've seen (he still has a big scar). He was then a policeman but now he does desk work at the station because of the trauma.

  8. Posted by Kookasaurious, — Reply

    Hmmm... yeah but the thing about it, blood from a period is natural, it's supposed to be there. Blood from a cut or wound is NOT natural and shouldn't happen. So when I'm on my period I don't bat an eye, but when I get a really bad cut that bleeds a lot I freak out because it's a threat to my health. This is my TED Talk. Thank you.

  9. Posted by tordel_a, — Reply

    As a guy I can tell you no one wants to hear about your little ‘blood fest’ of the month it just makes me very uncomfortable and I have never seen a guy do this idk tho some guys are ass hats!

  10. Posted by mrdeathray, — Reply

    I would just be annoyed because that is a biohazard my good sir. I have seen blood enough blood that it takes a bit to shock me. I routinely find my leg bleeding and my first thought is usually huh wonder how that happened.

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