1. Posted by NerdGirl45, — Reply

    I have one of these they’re actually not very good they are flimsy and aren’t bright at all don’t waste your money folks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Posted by mariajacqueline13, — Reply

    I have this lamp, and I love it. Perfect just on my nightstand. Just enough light and easier to turn off while laying down than a regular lamp. Plus it comes with a convenient stand! Totally recommend.

  3. Posted by JustLookForIrukandji, — Reply

    Seems to expensive and everyone is complaining about how it didn’t reach their expectations. Wanted to at first but nvm

  4. Posted by rojoa51, — Reply

    I've got one and its pretty awesome. A lil expensive but totally worth it

  5. Posted by allysoncook06, — Reply

    I have one of those and sorta love it but it has to be charged a lot.

  6. Posted by rexatron2005, — Reply

    Do not tempt me L A M P

  7. Posted by docklights, — Reply

    really nice! ;-)

  8. Posted by theanimebaby_insta, — Reply

    I got one ✨

  9. Posted by docklights, — Reply

    nice!! 💕

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